Known Bugs


1.  Occassionally a warning may be seen written to standard out: 

Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "#608189"

Popups and pulldowns are usually written to the overlay planes.  There are only 15 colors available in four overlay planes.  The message is written when the motif interface is unable to allocate an additional color and is of no consequence.


2.  We have observed that the print screen function with Windows Vista and Windows 7 will not capture a 3D prespective room view when hitting the keyboard 's' key to capture the entire application window. But the two dimensional images do show up. If you need to print a 3D perspective window, just click the mouse on that window (frame) and hit the keyboard 'p' key instead, and then add that to your report as you otherwise do. See the manual System2100 Manual section "Printing Images".