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Shared Library Files

This program uses the shared library file The PNG image file library must be moved to /usr/lib.

X Resource Files

The X resource file is RtDosePlanRes, and resides either in the home directory or in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults.  The resource files DosimetryCheckRes, FieldDoseRes, and System2100Res resource files are also needed.  If the resource files are only in the home directory, then the user must log into the home directory for the program to successfully find the resource files.  This is an X function, and X generates no error messages if a resource file cannot be found.

Run Time File

The run time file is RtDosePlan for treatment planning, and DosimetryCheck for Dosimetry Check, and can be invoked from the keyboard.  The program uses the System2100 program resources file system and looks for the file rlresources.dir.loc to locate where the program resouce directory is. 


Program ReadRtogCheck is provided to read in treatment plans written in RTOG format for use by Dosimetry Check.  This is a ASCII program and is invoked with the flag -d followed by the directory where the RTOG files are.  For example:   ReadRtogCheck  -d  rtog.dir.  This program is described in a separate section in this manual.

Other Data Files

Data files are stored in the directory located by the file DataDir.loc in the program resources directory (see Sysem2100 documentation).  Subdirectories used are:

1.      CalDCur.d for storing calibration curves.

2.      CalFieldDose.d for storing ion chamber and diode calibration files.

3.      DenCur.d for storing pixel to density conversion curves.

4.      StSp.d for storing step strip files.

Resources Directory Files

Specific files of interest in the program resources directory are:

1.      BeamData.loc that locates where beam data is stored.

2.      DataDir.loc, specifying the location of the above data directory.

3.      DefaultBeamColor defines the default color used to display beams.

4.      DoseDisplay defines default parameters for the display of 2d isodose curves and 3d dose clouds.

5.      Kernels.loc specifies where Monte Carlo calculated kernels are stored.

6.      TenPercentIsodose specifies default values for some isodose displays.

7.      ElektaTransa.loc specifies the directory where the program can write beam shapes to for Elekta accelerators using the TRANSA method.  This file is first searched for in the treatment machine’s beam data directory.