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Dosimetry Check MarkRT (VGRT) RtDosePlan System 2100 MillComp C++ Library


This program will manufacture compensators on any end milling machine that uses G and M codes. See the manual below for a list of the codes the program uses. FDA 510(k) K011845


  • The program supports machines with a tool changer.
  • The program will drill mounting holes in the compensator that will then provide a positive lock between the central axis and the holes.
  • The patient name and orientation information can be scribed around the perimeter of the compensator.
  • A ball end mill is used to mill the compensator surface. A succession of smaller ball end mills may be used to work on any areas where the larger tool did not fit.
  • The program will reproduce any surface given to it. The surface can be specified on divergent rays. The compensator may be thick.
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  • Below is a surface displayed by MillComp.

    Below is the corresponding surface milled by MillComp (tested here in styrofoam).

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