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Kodak EDR2 Film

Shown below is the calibration curve for Kodak EDR2 film. This is extended range film in ready pack. We have inverted the axis to show the data the way it will be used.

100 cm to the film, 1.5 cm bolus over the film, 10x10 cm field size, 6 MV x-rays. The film density is shown along the horizontal scale as the independent variable. Given a density, you go up to the curve and across to the left to get the "relative" monitor units. The curve crosses a density of 1.0 at about 220 monitor units, 2.0 at 400 mu, and 3.0 at 650 mu. Simply limit the monitor units to a little less than the darkest the film scanner can measure. After that, use the scaling option of the software to multiply the result by the ratio of the monitor units prescribed for the field to the monitor units used to expose the film.

Kodak Therapy Verification Film
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