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Dosimetry Check MarkRT (VGRT) RtDosePlan System 2100 MillComp C++ Library

Hardware Required to Run Programs

If you want to use your existing equipment, basically, the same computer power needed for 3D treatment planning is needed by Dosimetry Check or RtDosePlan.

Computer: A PC running the Linux or Microsoft Windows operating system (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 10, etc.). A PC computer must have an ethernet card installed and a 24 bit true color high end graphics card.

Memory: The computer will need a large memory system if large image sets are to be dealt with which is now typical. We recommend four to eight gigabytes of memory in a new system (but you can run with 1/2 gig). Experience may be required to gauge how much memory is needed given the work load.

Swap space: A large swap area is needed, particularly if the system memory is small. We would recommend 2 Megabytes or more of system swap space to start with.

Disk space: A single 512 by 512 CT image requires half a megabyte of disk storage. Disk space will be needed to save patient files and images. 250 Gigabyte disk drives or more is now the norm. It depends on how much you need to save and what your work load is. Typical cases are running 200 to 500 megabtyes. Terabyte hard drives are now available for saving a large number of patient cases.

GPU card: The convolution/superposition "collapse cone" dose algorithm requires a GPU for practical calculation times.
We have tested the Tesla K20, Tesla K40, the K2200, and the P4000 and P5000, all from Nvidia. The P4000 and P5000 gave the best performance to date. We are not always able to keep up with these products and there may be better offerings we are unaware of. We will update this page when we become aware of new devices. In general we require compute capability 3.5 (Kepler) devices.

Graphics card: For 3D stereoscopic vision (with the Nvidia 3D vision kit and a stereo monitor or the Planar system) an Nvidia quadro card is required that supports stereoscoptic vision. Otherwise any high end card that supports Open GL with a 24 plane true color visual should be sufficient for two dimensional and three single perspective point displays.

Printer: We print to PDF files and use a pdf reader for a preprint preview. You will print from the pdf reader such as Adobe.

OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 10, Linux
You must first purchase and install Exceed, Exceed 3D, and Exceed XDK from OpenText (formally a Hummingbird product). The link to Exceed is at . The cost to you is around $1200.00. You can also get a trial version for 30 days at that site.

We can provide the hardware to you as well with software loaded should you want us to quote you a complete system. Likewise we can quote you the cost of a site visit for installiation and training should you want either or both.

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