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Dosimetry Check MarkRT (VGRT) RtDosePlan System 2100 MillComp C++ Library

Download Program Software for Windows Systems

This page last updated 20 Feb 2015

Required components: You must first purchase and install Exceed, Exceed 3D, and Exceed XDK from OpenText (formally HummingBird) Our software uses their X/Motif and Open GL libraries which are distributed in those three products. We have an OEM agreement with OpenText that will allow us to supply you with their products and the single library that we use out of the XDK package, so you can obtain that directly from us and not buy the whole XDK package.

You can download an evaluation copy of OpenText Exceed and Exceed3D from us, but you will need a license key from us (MathResolutions, LLC), to install the trial version. Besure to remove the Exceed install program before installing DosimetryCheck, otherwise the DC install is likely to set the path wrong to Exceed. Later, the evaluation copy of Exceed must be removed before installing the permanent copy of Exceed.

The OpenText link to Exceed is at You can get a 60 day trial version of Exceed from OpenText at:

Download Dosimetry Check install executibles:

We are no longer offering trial installs of Dosimetry Check. Please contact us or a sales representative.

Download Dosimetry Check version 5 release 7 FDA cleared for the US, CE MARK certificate number 32663 rev. 1. Includes the convolution/superposition "collapsed cone" dose algorithm. Password required. Run the install file installdcV5R7.exe.

Dosimetry Check Software Installation Instructions.

Dosimetry Check Software Installation Test Procedures and forms, customer data procedures and forms.

Download Additional Dosimety Check Utilities

For the Elekta EPID iViewGT system prior to the iViewGT version 3.4.1, download the IviewGT read utility IviewToDicom installer (installivdcm.exe). Run the installer program installivdcm.exe to install in c:\mathresolutions or where ever Dosmetry Check was installed at. A license key is need to run the program IviewToDicom.

For the Elekta EPID iViewGT system version 3.4.1 and after, download the iViewGT read utility ReadIviewGTData under the LifeLine Software VIP agreement with Elekta. Unzip the file in c:\mathresolutions or where ever DosmetryCheck was installed at. Read the file ReadIviewGTData.pdf that you get with the unzip files to complete the install.
With this version, you do not need an inclinometer for VMAT cases.
Password is required to unzip, a license key is needed to run. If you type in the wrong password, empty files will be unzipped.
NOTE: the new program cannot extract EPID image files for iViewGT version before 3.4.1. IviewToDicom above is needed for that.

An inclinometer is needed for IMAT (intensity modulated arc therapy) such as VMAT on Elekta accelerators prior to EPID iViewGT version 3.4.1 (see above). The reason is that we only get a time stamp for images integrated in cine mode (integrated images produced periodically during beam on ). The inclinometer is needed to produce a record of time versus gantry angle so that the gantry angle can be found from the image time. With Elekta EPID version 3.4.1 and later, use of an inclinometer remains an option should you want to verify gantry angles.

Download Dosimetry Check Tomo Utilities For TomoTherapy, you must in addition download utility programs for supporting TomoTherapy (InstallTomoUtilities.exe).

Download utilities for Dosimetry Check to read additional EPID or array systems ConvertSiemensImages, ConvertMapCheckImages, ConvertKodakCRImages, ConvertPTW2DImages ConvertMatrixxImages (dcutils.exe). Run program dcutils.exe to install.

Download utilities for converting beam data to Dosimetry Check: ( Extract to c:\mathresolutions\tools.dir

Download a utility for converting planar dose to in air x-ray intensity fluence for Dosimetry Check (
Extact program ConvertPlanarToFluence.exe to c:\mathresolutions or where ever you installed Dosimetry Check. Extact or move the help file rtConvertAdacPlaneHelp to ... rl.dir\English.d\EnglishHelp.d.

Stereoscoptic Viewing Set up for Stereoscoptic Vision

Download example cases.

CheckSum: If you want to check the files you downloaded with a checksum, get program and file list.

Other Math Resolutions Products

Download RtDosePlan (installrt.exe, 10 megabytes).

Download MillComp (installml.exe, 3 megabytes).

Download System2100 (installsy.exe, 2.6 megabytes).

Download MarkRT (VGRT) (installvt.exe, 8 megabytes).

Download MlcGapTest (installMlcGap.exe, 2 megabytes).

Follow the above software install instruction for Dosimetry Check with substitution of the program executable for DosimetryCheckTasks.

Present Limitations:

  • Non-alpha-numeric characters in file names. The program will not accept characters not legal in file names for both Windows and Unix. ! " # $ & * ; < = > ? @ [ ] ^ , ` { | }
    - or + may not be the first character. : only in Windows once in a path, for example C:\stuff. You can type either / or \ as a directory separator, the program will change / to \.
  • Printing. If you don't have a Post Script printer directly connected to the parallel printer port of your printer, then you can use the Adobe reader as a print preview (or GSview) and you can print from there. You will need GhostScrip in both cases. See the software install instruction to download GhostScript. As set up by default the Post Script files can be converted by Ghostscript to PDF format A word on editing text files for editing program resource files. Use WordPad, not NotePad. WordPad recognizes a single line feed as a new line whereas NotePad does not. So NotePad would display a multiline text file on a single line if there are only line feeds in the file. If you use NotePad you may want to add a carriage return by using the enter key where you see a symbol for a line feed. Otherwise just use WordPad. However, note that WordPad and NotePad will save a file under the name you opened it with, but if you use SaveAs it will add the extension ".txt" to the file name.

    Text File Standard Our software treats carriage returns and line feeds as white space, except a carriage return or line feed is needed to signal the end of a comment line started with //. // signals a comment which ends at the end of the line. Comments are also set off with the C programming style /* to */, which may also be nested. So in all program resource files, anything from /* to */is not read. Anything after // is not read until the end of the line. Text that is to be read is set off with <* to *>. However the <* and *> may be omitted if the text does not contain a space (i.e. is a single word). The programs are very unforgiving if it does not find a number where it expects a number. Generally the program will exit and display the contents of the file up to the offending point. This text is written to the command prompt window or to a log file in c:\mathresolutions. Use Save to resave the file. If you use SaveAs both programs add .txt to the file name which you will then have to rename to remove.

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